March 27th, 2012

Moments and Pain

there are moments
when joy brings pain
when life teaches
when the neighbor preaches

The tool is warm and heavy in my hand
it will surely get the job done
the neighbor says he’ll help
This may beat the golden sun

The trees come down so the house is safe
Look out below, or your head in will cave
The neighbor works hard, but talks a lot
I’d rather just get this done, I’m awefully hot

The sun is going down, these moments soon will pass
This saw is electric, I’m glad its not gas
Thanks neighbor, with the bad hip
I couldnt have done this alone, not one bit

I stretch and feel it pop
I cry out for it to stop
The joy of the job well done
is marred by pain and stun

I’m not sure I’ll walk tomorrow
but at least I wont have sarrow
I’m glad to have a neighbor like Sean
who helps with love, and even with brawn

Ow, blessed be this hurts
I can’t sit and ow I can’t take off my shirt
The stabbing in my lower back keeps me awake
I really coud use a dip in a nice cool lake.

This poem has many moments
some I’m glad I had
Its mostly silly, this poem is rather bad